Stubbs the Zombie - Announcement Trailer | PS4

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Pre-order now on
Be the Zombie. Kick A** and Take Brains.
It’s 1959 and the city of Punchbowl, PA, is a beacon of progress and ideal living. Show the living that law and order are no match for a dead man on a mission. Your boyfriend’s back Maggie, and Punchbowl is gonna be in trouble!

Timelordonut 20 órája
I’m so excited it’s finally back
Balkuky Kykyjsk
Balkuky Kykyjsk Napja
Noooo why is Microsoft bringing this to PS ???? Noooooooo
Native xOutcast
Native xOutcast 2 napja
I have likely put more than 1000 hours into this game as a kid and will do so again. So many memories from fighting police, to hillbillies, to scientists and the military. I LOVED this game.
Spooky Sims
Spooky Sims 2 napja
Mockbarracuda 38
Mockbarracuda 38 2 napja
Es hermoso
The Zombiekiller
The Zombiekiller 2 napja
Let's GOOOOOOOO! I love this game
Adz 3 napja
why cant we pre order yet! its £10 on the switch store
LIU ليو
LIU ليو 3 napja
this game was only for Xbox
What exactly is this game about I never actually heard of this game
insidious Dick
insidious Dick 5 napja
I can’t believe they’re putting Halo on the On PlayStation now, It’s crazy how far they’re have come
Andre Herg
Andre Herg 5 napja
What its dat? PS2 game!
Jacob Williams
Jacob Williams 6 napja
What a horrible trailer for such a great game. I'm excited to play it again.
Brian Cisneros
Brian Cisneros 7 napja
lo jugaba en xbox clasico
Brian Cisneros
Brian Cisneros 7 napja
Red Alert
Red Alert 7 napja
Age of Empires I & II: Definiteive Editions, C&C:Remastered, Stubbs the Zombie Remastered... What's next? I feel like this year is holy year!
Shadow Sphinx
Shadow Sphinx 8 napja
all time favourite game irght here, still got the original xbox version
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un 8 napja
Why doesnt it appear to pre order on the psn store??????
Snoochy Boochiez
Snoochy Boochiez 8 napja
I really hope they add like an online feature or dlc ! This was one of my favorite games!
Oc The Gamer
Oc The Gamer 8 napja
Is it coming out for physical copies as well ?
Griffinattack 8 napja
Everybody who loved this game, buy it, and show them we want more of this
play boi
play boi 9 napja
TOPECH 9 napja
Hello, will the game have Czech dubbing or subtitles ?
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un 9 napja
All i want now is spartan total warrior remastered
Derek Hawk
Derek Hawk 9 napja
Stubbs is fun to play. Miss this game. 🤘🤘
Stray God
Stray God 9 napja
Wow just wow
Moon Runners6
Moon Runners6 10 napja
How do you preorder? There’s only the collectors edition?
Michael Raider
Michael Raider 10 napja
They can't have it xbox only lol
Fonzflicks 10 napja
Awesome, always wanted to play this.
Dice Diablo
Dice Diablo 10 napja
Buying this digital will be so much cheaper than hunting down a physical copy.
Beese Churger
Beese Churger 10 napja
Ms.Monday here i come
Nicomanism 10 napja
Yay, now I do not have to shell out $200 or more of a 15 year old game. Finally remastered .
Beyond Human
Beyond Human 10 napja
Was expecting Stubbs to get a remake lik dah did! Really would've been interesting to see a glowing radioactive skin or a hatless pinned stripped blue suit skin with new zombie abilities like burrowing underground and grabbing an enemy by their ankles and slowly dragging them under or a zombie roar that brings a small horde of zombies or something like that at least to make this great game even greater! Oh well still looking forward to replaying it again!
Ryan Stevenson
Ryan Stevenson 10 napja
My childhood I loved this game
Emily Alucard
Emily Alucard 10 napja
Mr sandman bring me a dream
no bu
no bu 10 napja
JimartyMcfly 10 napja
Greatest video game soundtrack of all time.
Juanking Daddy
Juanking Daddy 10 napja
Muero de recuerdos y nosltagia
David Thomas
David Thomas 10 napja
I watched my boy play this for many hours back in the day.
Skillfully Executed
Skillfully Executed 11 napja
Plz dont buy this game.
Kum quat
Kum quat 6 napja
Luckily no one listens to you.
Lee Croft
Lee Croft 11 napja
Wait... what !!! No way, i love this game. I still have it on my old Xbox.
Scooby Douche
Scooby Douche 11 napja
Can you please restock the PS5 IN stores and tackle ebay? Scalping is illegal and you'd be morally right in doing so!
MrFieldy 11 napja
I loved this game. It’s awesome. 🧟‍♀️
M __
M __ 11 napja
All we need is Conker!!
M __
M __ 11 napja
Yooooooo!!! I still have the original physical Xbox game case and disc!!
Sir.Lethelier 11 napja
I'll finally be able to eat brains again, and on PS4!
Jack Williams
Jack Williams 11 napja
This is excellent news! Just need Timesplitters to make a comeback.
Terminus 21
Terminus 21 11 napja
Gameranxs talked highly of this game so I'm down
RJ Xbox&PS
RJ Xbox&PS 11 napja
I still own the original too :)
Sam Spud
Sam Spud 11 napja
I’m kinda disappointed that this isn’t a whole remake but maybe they had to do this for licensing reasons or copyright cause I think Disney owns this game I think or did from the last company
Alex Wong
Alex Wong 11 napja
REMASTERED come on !!!!
Bruno Flores Godínez
Bruno Flores Godínez 11 napja
Mi juego favorito de Xbox ahora en Ps4, es simplemente increíble 😍
Alexander Zamora
Alexander Zamora 11 napja
This game was great in the day. It will be great today.
Clifford Ototivo
Clifford Ototivo 11 napja
I bought it in my local Walmart in 2005 in Lawton oklahoma. I was 6 years old! Was with my mom and my grandma. The cashier was trying to explain to them that it was rated M. And I've been playing games like halo ce. The suffering. Mortal kombat. Ghost recon 1,blood rayne and everything at that time. They said yes we're sure. Took it home and got me. My younger bros and my close cousins and friends to get into the game! We would stay up all night playing it on split screen. I went to buy mw for my brother when that came out and was denied the sale because I forgot my I'd!!!!!! Lucky I had my cousin with me! Crazy how times change.... I'm almost 22 damnit sop idying for a m game!!!!!!!
Logurt Mann
Logurt Mann 11 napja
My childhood :,) I'm not crying.
Jesse Kohler
Jesse Kohler 11 napja
Umm how about xbox??
Keith Heidebrecht
Keith Heidebrecht 11 napja
Best zombie game ever made
Zack Zappacosta
Zack Zappacosta 11 napja
I've never heard of this game before today. Looks..interesting.
Beizal 11 napja
It's a fantastic but Underrated Game, it was originally for the original Xbox and PC in 2005. You play as a zombie and you basically make a zombie army. It's an infinitely funny game too!
The big M
The big M 11 napja
Remember someone had to convince Disney for this
The Penguin Parley
The Penguin Parley 11 napja
But all this time just for a rerelease when they coulda been upgrading the whole thing.
The model Collector
The model Collector 11 napja
When will the digital pre orders come out ?
Godzilla 11 napja
I am so excited! Skreeonk!
Playstation Gen
Playstation Gen 11 napja
Xbox lost two exclusives last night and I hope more follow so everyone can play this exclusives. I be picking this up since used play on my original Xbox
Hannes Horn
Hannes Horn 11 napja
No joke, I was thinking about this game yesterday! I wanna play it again so bad
YaBoyPsycho 11 napja
NO WAY I have great memories playing this game at my uncle's house on Xbox back in the day. Such a fun game and I didn't expect this gem to make a return
Philipp B
Philipp B 9 napja
It's one of my two favourite Games of all Times! The other one is "Requiem - Avenging Angel". I still own both Games for PC. But, sadly I don't own a PC that can run these 2 Games. I hope soooooo much that Stubbs will be in the German Playstation Store, back in 2005 I had to Order it from GB, until now Stubbs wasn't officialy released in Germany and, even if I'm looking for it in the Store EVERY day I couldn't find it.....and the Teaser says "Preorder Now"......
Lukas Ml
Lukas Ml 11 napja
I have never played this game but i must say i'm Happy that stubbs the zombie is coming back
Chur chiken Maniger
Chur chiken Maniger 11 napja
Unban my account Cmontalvo69
blazrockid 11 napja
very very bad. You look at it and you want to cry. And remembering that the game is also outdated in terms of gameplay, everything is so bad
Beizal 11 napja
Wrong wrong wrong.
Dylan Dunn
Dylan Dunn 11 napja
This Game is Amazing 💎💎💎
legiongamerworkBRUH ben
legiongamerworkBRUH ben 11 napja
Philipp B
Philipp B 11 napja
Is it coming to the GERMAN PS Store? Had to order Stubbs from GB back in '05...... it's my All-Time-Favourite-Game and I'd LOVE to play it again in my PS4, even though I still own the Original Ford PC......
Dick Mcbizz
Dick Mcbizz 11 napja
I hope they do a physical release. If not maybe limited run could. Day 1 purchase.
Dick Mcbizz
Dick Mcbizz 11 napja
@Beizal Thanks I checked it out, there is no game only option and they want $150 for the whole package. I really just want the game lol they should have an option for that.
Beizal 11 napja
There's a collector's edtion on the website. But I think the actual game might be digital only.
Luka J
Luka J 11 napja
It looks like PS2 game
Watching U FrMBhindU
Watching U FrMBhindU 11 napja
Glad others can enjoy this masterpiece years later
Front Step
Front Step 11 napja
Cool! I never got to play this but wanted to. Excellent!
Da_Boss_3807 11 napja
This games graphics are so bad smh
ASNDecade 11 napja
Army Pig
Army Pig 11 napja
Bro, what is this
Kaz el ciego Miller
Kaz el ciego Miller 11 napja
I guess that we just have to conform with only the destroy all humans remake right?
Kaio Kincaid
Kaio Kincaid 11 napja
Bamban Gamer
Bamban Gamer 11 napja
Physical or just digital!?
GK Imagimotion
GK Imagimotion 11 napja
Mr. Sandman bring me a dream 🤣
CastleGates Gaming
CastleGates Gaming 11 napja
I miss this game
Milkpuke 11 napja
To bad i bought it on steam when the shop site still existed
Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic 11 napja
Js that thomas stubbs the third?
John Donovan
John Donovan 11 napja
Chris Bowles
Chris Bowles 11 napja
The time has finally come.......I CANNOT WAIT!!!
Negan 11 napja
I remember playing this with my nephew 😂
(Kopfschmerzen) 11 napja
I wanted a second one ... but that's fine .. that's one of my favorite games
Millennia Productions
Millennia Productions 11 napja
Throws wallet at screen
Millennia Productions
Millennia Productions 11 napja
Awesome one of my favourite games from my childhood hope they add trophy’s to it
AK Toons
AK Toons 11 napja
Lollipop Lollipop ohh Lolli Lolli Lollipop POP
Davide Antinarella
Davide Antinarella 11 napja
Ok Sony...and why not a new sly cooper?
Bamban Gamer
Bamban Gamer 11 napja
Because this comes from an entirely different developer/publisher & Sucker Punch have moved on from that series years ago
Steven Bishop
Steven Bishop 11 napja
Weird seeing a game with the Halo engine on PlayStation.
Mr DK 11 napja
Yeeeeessss!!!!!!!! Finally!!!!
LIl_Nightmare 11 napja
I still have mine on the original Xbox I'm so ready to play it again on the Playstation 4 such a unique game for the time.
koschei 11 napja
Спасибо пекарям за бета-тест.
UnRuleD Grizz
UnRuleD Grizz 11 napja
Its cool to see you Playstation Gamers get to play a Hidden Gem of Xbox. I played it so many times on Xbox, 360, and Now Enjoy on my One, Switch, and Series X. I highly recommend you guys to get this. Its legendary and man such a hilarious classic. The Engine of the game is the same from Halo CE.
John Hernández
John Hernández 11 napja
I was expecting a remake but nevermind, at least it's gonna be for free right? ... Right?!
John Donovan
John Donovan 11 napja
20 dollars
мιcнoacano 11 napja
Aj Mercer
Aj Mercer 11 napja
A classic returns!
Демитри Быков
Демитри Быков 11 napja
MrPwner911 11 napja
I was not expecting a cult classic xbox title to be on playstation, but I welcome it.
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