Sackboy: A Big Adventure - Working From Home | PS5

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12 napja
Hear from the creators of Sackboy: A Big Adventure as they describe developing Sackboy and the challenge of working from home.

Danyeol Davis
Danyeol Davis 15 órája
Still annoyed there was no create mode
GLiTcH2 11 órája
This is not Little Big Planet it's a spin-off hence no create mode.... If they decide to make LBP4 then it will have create mode for sure!
Bravo six Going dark
Bravo six Going dark 19 órája
the music in the background is the waltz of bubbles
Heebs 23 órája
REALLY impressed by this game. Well done team. I hope there are more to come.
Xb9dx Napja
This is little big planet 3.5
bigg-O chunk
bigg-O chunk Napja
XYZ Grown
XYZ Grown 2 napja
Well done guys.
An. tes
An. tes 2 napja
Hey I got platinum! You guys releasing DLC?
Roronoa Sora
Roronoa Sora 2 napja
PlayStation the best place to play...
Smokey the Bear
Smokey the Bear 4 napja
I hope Little Big Planet comes back
Daniel Holladay
Daniel Holladay 4 napja
The developers should be proud, nice work :)
Zikari SG
Zikari SG 4 napja
PS+ for this one please!
Wombat 5 napja
I cant wait for Media Molecules next DreamCon ....!!!!!
fobstaa 5 napja
Mister.Mercy 5 napja
2070 kids will ask : Why don't they works at the studio together?
Matthew Peter
Matthew Peter 5 napja
Thank you so much for your hard work. This game is just amazing in every way and such an phenomenal soundtrack.
Xavier Rodriguez
Xavier Rodriguez 7 napja
I don’t understand why people dislike the video. what exactly is there to dislike?
Sam Dinan
Sam Dinan 7 napja
Only thing I don't like in this game is the run speed. Just feels a little slower than I'd like. Other than that though, its a fantastic 3D platformer!
Carl Jones2X
Carl Jones2X 7 napja
I just actually wanna know how to get a system atp 🤦🏽‍♂️
Bryan King
Bryan King 8 napja
I see a few posters got this for their kids...and so did I. My son loves it and it looked like so much fun, I started playing too. Up there with any Mario (we have several switches in the house).
Tselel Leb
Tselel Leb 8 napja
This and astro bot were my favorites sony launch in ps4.
Piers Awramenko
Piers Awramenko 8 napja
The Bruno Mars level was an absolute classic.
shaolinskunks88 8 napja
what is a ps5? its a myth. i had to resort to the poverty ps4 version.
M Rizaldi
M Rizaldi 8 napja
This game are better than nintendo's overrated recycled platformer games
Chilly64 8 napja
Definitely my favourite launch title for ps5. It looks stunning and it's full of cool ideas. For those who haven't played it yet, do yourself a favour and buy it.
Gabriel Calvo
Gabriel Calvo 8 napja
I'm having trouble with online classes, can't imagine how challenging is making a game on WFH
Banana sackboy
Banana sackboy 8 napja
The plush would always stare at my soul at night. And I would like to play the game including the sackboy plush that I will torture it to make it haunt me every night
いくら. 8 napja
JoshKeatonFan 9 napja
So because the PS5 is still extremely hard to get a hold of by conventional retail or pay sometimes three times the amount on ebay, will it also be available on the PS4 as well?
LockeX007 9 napja
Yes, you can purchase and play this on the Playstation 4
iiRockett 9 napja
people are upset because of games that didn't end up well lime Cyberpunk even though they don't take into consideration that CD PRokect Red had to do the same thing
Bamban Gamer
Bamban Gamer 8 napja
Actually cdpr started developing cyberbug 2007 all the way back in 2012 so their mess not being well made or polished cannot be excused by covid meanwhile Sumo Digital most likely received the PlayStation devkits sent out in late 2019 meaning they were more afected by the virus yet managed to pull through & created a fine game even with all the issues
Lautaro Benjamin Guiñazu Sanagua
Lautaro Benjamin Guiñazu Sanagua 9 napja
keitumetse selolwane
keitumetse selolwane 9 napja
Spenny 9 napja
I love this game but WHY DID YOU MAKE PLATINUM SO HARD working from home must have inspired the developers to crank up challenge or something My girlfriend & I shouldn’t have to spend hours trying to beat the finale
Mister Reen
Mister Reen 9 napja
Such a great game. I play it currently on the Ps5. So much fun :)
REFLEM 6 9 napja
We all love Playstation
Donald76 9 napja
Best PlayStation plattformer. Not talking only about ps5, best PlayStation plattfotmer in general
Skywolf Giannos
Skywolf Giannos 9 napja
Rip little big planet.
josh spears
josh spears 9 napja
Fix this garbage online you made sorrying for being harsh but I believe as a consumer wanted a complete product
Xavier Alanis
Xavier Alanis 9 napja
I wish this game would go on sale I love and adore these games.
Faerhad Targaryen
Faerhad Targaryen 9 napja
just beat the game on Ps5. here is to hoping the LittleBigPlanet series will live on
Michael Cooke
Michael Cooke 10 napja
This game was mediocre at best and it will be forgotten in a couple of years time
DDGX 28 10 napja
Should of made lbp4
Jose Delgadillo
Jose Delgadillo 10 napja
im loving my ps5 and sack boy a big adventure.
Dare 10 napja
Looks better than the prison building they have at Nintendo corp for devs.
RoshanGamer 5 napja
Nintendo sold more copies
Topicstrange 10 napja
Underrated game its awesome
Penetrant 10 napja
That's actually pretty impressive. Nice work folks.
Ronald Trump
Ronald Trump 10 napja
Thank you for making this incredible game!!! So underrated & should be getting at least 10x the sales it's getting but people are stupid & buy garbage like Madden instead.
Bamban Gamer
Bamban Gamer 9 napja
You should thank Sony Interactive Entertainment instead since all Sumo Digital did was take a job
Redvik 10 napja
Imagine carrying about this game in 2021. Lul ps5 has no games and all ps5 games come to ps4 as well. Fake next gen🤣🤣🤣
Redvik 9 napja
@Bamban Gamer i have a question, why did they make the ps5 so big and bulky??
Bamban Gamer
Bamban Gamer 9 napja
@Redvik Imagine actually believing that "PlayStation 5 has no games" idiotic drivel when it has several already made for it like Godfall, Demon's Souls, Astto's Playroom, Destruction AllStars, Marvel's Spider Man Remastered not to mention the upcoming ones like Returnal, Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart, Gran Turismo 7 that is not taking into account that several cross gen titles already have PlayStation 5 versions, so yes PlayStation 5 does have games
Redvik 9 napja
@Spenny imagine being a shill without Sony paying u for shilling. It must be so incredibely sad:(
Spenny 9 napja
Imagine not being able to spell simple words on the internet where it’s literally impossible to get wrong unless you’re dumb
Febrypratama X Febry
Febrypratama X Febry 10 napja
l Love you amazing channel@miawaug
Lucas Burford
Lucas Burford 10 napja
Almost finished my last year at uni for game Design, hope to work for you guys soon, or at least get some form of apprenticeship/ internship 😁
BigRedRacingteam 10 napja
Sackboy is such a charming little fellow!
Ivan Santana
Ivan Santana 10 napja
A fantastic game. Congratulations, guys!
SirLaughAlot 07
SirLaughAlot 07 10 napja
That was really sweet. I love this game.
SavePoint 10 napja
Where the heck is my little big planet karting?!!!
Armstrong Millien
Armstrong Millien 11 napja
Where is my creative mode?
DonLee 10 napja
If you want creation mode, go try out Dreams. It's made by Media Molecule (the people who made lbp 1 and 2)
Bamban Gamer
Bamban Gamer 10 napja
Its a 3d platformer only it never had a create mode to begin with
Kris Wysong
Kris Wysong 11 napja
Fantastic game! Played from start to finish with my wife and 6 year old and had a blast.
Crashme222 11 napja
What a game!
THE PlayStation Brah
THE PlayStation Brah 11 napja
A fantastic platformer for gamers of any age. Online and offline co-op gameplay for up to 4 players. Highly recommended.
PlayStation World
PlayStation World 11 napja
I adored every minute of this game! even though it was only on base ps4 still a lot of fun with cool pop culture music. really fascinating video too!
Jezio 11 napja
This explains a lot for cyberpunk. Still my favorite game of all time, though
Franklyn Gregory
Franklyn Gregory 11 napja
There's no excuse for cyberpunk
Dabwil 11 napja
I also enjoy the game, working on my 2nd playthrough.
Scooby Douche
Scooby Douche 11 napja
Can you please restock the PS5 IN stores and tackle ebay? Scalping is illegal and you'd be morally right in doing so!
MurderMondays 11 napja
The game is an impressive achievement even before you consider the circumstances. Great job!
sackboydjso :D
sackboydjso :D 11 napja
Lets just hope LBP4 get anounnced in the event that gonna show this year.
Murray McMillan
Murray McMillan 11 napja
fantastic game. My kid and I adore our time playing it
Imam 11 napja
Thank you for making this game. I played it online with my younger brother and it brought me back to our childhood spending hours on the couch playing together. It was exactly what we needed during the pandemic. Thank you!
Marcos Gonzalez
Marcos Gonzalez 11 napja
Divinity Mode
Divinity Mode 11 napja
It’s simply amazing what these teams managed to achieve in 2020. Hats off to their talent and hard work in the face of a million obstacles.
ShuckyDarns 11 napja
Incredible game! Well done to the team for putting out such a quality product during such a crazy environment.
Isabella. Oliveira
Isabella. Oliveira 11 napja
Ps4 Sackboy as Temas . 🇧🇷🎮😭
Isabella. Oliveira
Isabella. Oliveira 11 napja
Brasil não veio o Ps4 Sackboy. Triste 🇧🇷🇧🇷😭😭😭🎮🎮🎮
João Antonio
João Antonio 11 napja
Holy Shiish, is so cool!! =)👌🏻
Zero7uk 11 napja
Nice to see the platform genere make a big comeback. Loved Astro and Sackboy. Looking forward to Ratchet aswell
MrZACATECANO100 11 napja
Making all this games and short on consoles 🤨
John Bowen
John Bowen 11 napja
Terrific game. :)
Fernando Cid
Fernando Cid 11 napja
Sony! Playstation! The game is great, we love it. But please consider adding Sumo Digital to the PlayStation Studios family
Bendy Demon
Bendy Demon 11 napja
Give Yandex money back!
pickle eggs
pickle eggs 11 napja
i hope sackboy will get releases thru out playstations life
JolliAllGenGamer 11 napja
This game was really fun on PS5 fast loading and the haptic feedback was cool. I’m not sure if the load times were on the PS4 were long or not.
zer0thesilenthero 11 napja
This game is incredibly well made, with the love and care seeping through at all the seams. Thank-you to all the devs and folks who worked on bringing this together. One of my favorite games of all time, and the best game I've played on PlayStation 5 (so far).
astora tube
astora tube 11 napja
I dont have sack boy but i really want it so bad i wish i had it but i dont have any psn codes 😭😭😭😭
Astro bots & sackboy adventure baby's... backlog games... can't wait.. June 11th baby's.. finally goings to buy the CUSTOMIZED R/C & 4K TV TOO.
Ace 11 napja
Big Ps5 restock plz
SotNist 11 napja
I'm as big an LBP fan as it gets, and I loved this game. Was one of my top 5 favorites last year, and my most played launch game for PS5. You guys did a great job. Do it again ;)
SotNist 6 napja
@DonLee yeah, I love Dreams. It's amazing.
DonLee 10 napja
As a Lbp fan. Did you ever try Dreams?
duncanblue124 11 napja
This game doesn't get enough credit for being a fantastic platformer for sony
Hex 5 napja
@RoshanGamer I was stating my personal opinion. Which doesn't mean anything, but still. I had more fun playing a free pack in game than Nintendo's "new" Mario game.
RoshanGamer 5 napja
@Hex bowsers fury sold more
Baby Hitler
Baby Hitler 7 napja
@PHXNTXM they’re prob didn’t want to risk accumulating losses/less profit by extra spending on marketing.
Guido Russo Heck
Guido Russo Heck 7 napja
is cool, but Crash 4, Crash trilogy, Spyro trilogy are better options.
Hex 10 napja
@PHXNTXM Astro's Playroom > Bowser's Fury.
Lbp live
Lbp live 11 napja
Sackboy :D
FF 4life
FF 4life 11 napja
Are u the desiner of 16. trail 😂😂😂🔥
Viktor Fedorenko
Viktor Fedorenko 11 napja
what is with LBP3?
Bamban Gamer
Bamban Gamer 11 napja
Lbp 3 is finished Sumo Digital already supported & moved on from it
orionv75 11 napja
I bought this for my son, fantastic game, I didn’t want to pass the controller over to him. Beautiful graphics, great production - well done team!
kellr zyad
kellr zyad 3 napja
Most fun game ever
king bgo
king bgo 9 napja
U do know they have 4 player co op? Unless u only have one controller then I understand. I had to buy myself 2 extra controller to play with my kids.
Kayce .U
Kayce .U 11 napja
I see to many Sackboy plushes. Where can I get one? If so is there a Sacktue of Liberty plush?
Richard Austin
Richard Austin 11 napja
Let’s go UK devs !! 🎉🎉
TV & Gamer Stan
TV & Gamer Stan 11 napja
Littlebigplanet karting 2 please 🙏. I hope for a big adventure sequel as well.
Zax The Hedgehog
Zax The Hedgehog 11 napja
Knute 11 napja
We need a sack sale $90 is crazy for this game
Case 11 napja
I will try it! It looks amazing 🔥
PsychoMagnet 11 napja
I really wanna try and play this soon. I had to choose between this and Miles Morales when they both came out in November, so of course I went with Miles. But this'll be fun to play with friends.
David Finton
David Finton 11 napja
This was an amazing launch title! Looking forward to the sequel!!! We’re going to play through a second time in the meantime.
Jr 11 napja
Was the game a success or a failure?
abom1nat3on 11 napja
A beautifully well crafted game with incredible music and visuals. There are barely any co-op games in the last decade which can match up to what Sackboy is. A delightful experience, exactly what the world needs in these difficult times. Sumo Sheffield put a tremendous effort into creating a masterpiece, mad respect to them. And yes, why is this game so criminally underrated?
Segasonic the Badnik
Segasonic the Badnik 11 napja
Even though there were multiple struggles in development, they still made an amazing game.
TairineSan 11 napja
Look at this amazing art 4:46 been made on ipad(2019 or 2020)! Gorgeous!
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