Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War & Warzone - Season Two - Outbreak | PS5, PS4

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Welcome to a massive new Zombies experience like you’ve never seen before.💀

OUTBREAK launches in #BlackOpsColdWar on February 25.
Rated Mature

MattTheOak Napja
It says it's free everywhere for 2 weeks but if I try to load it on PS4 it tries to make me buy cold war, there's no free option. Can someone help?
__ 3 napja
I couldn't find the beta on the "what's new" section of the ps4 store but I found it by going to the "games" catagory and then going to "demos".
THEMaNIsWOrTHit 4 napja
It’s cool I like it
Venom 4 napja
This is how I imagined the zombie mode in warzone
Raynor Tiew
Raynor Tiew 4 napja
is this on pc as well?
Marky 360
Marky 360 4 napja
Man this kinda makes me wanna get the new Call of Duty
9yrog 5 napja
Oh yes! Wait, well i guess it’s time to delete another game
Mcdannt Gaming
Mcdannt Gaming 5 napja
Samantha maxis time baby 😈 I’ve been waiting my whole life to play as her and FINALLY
Hordey Hrun
Hordey Hrun 5 napja
Speaking about CoD, You can go back to some MW3 trailer and see that nothing really changed throughout the last decade
Zaheer Sarang
Zaheer Sarang 5 napja
CoD Fortnite
DaiDai Giaboi
DaiDai Giaboi 5 napja
This is pre much Warzone but zombies, right?
Ryan F
Ryan F 6 napja
Is this a free to play mode?
Dario 6 napja
Pro Kross
Pro Kross 6 napja
Bo2 Electro Zombies
Scooby Douche
Scooby Douche 6 napja
Can you please restock the PS5 IN stores and tackle eBay along with StockX? Scalping is illegal and you'd be morally right in doing so!
Victor Valencia
Victor Valencia 6 napja
Is it really for ps5 or do we have to keep using the outdated ps4 version?
Victor Valencia
Victor Valencia 6 napja
@Argos Catalogue and when did the ps5 update for warzone come out?...
Argos Catalogue
Argos Catalogue 6 napja
Huh???? Ps5 cold war been out for months?
Ripper 6 napja
I checked Xbox (not because I'm a fan) they literally couldn't even get their logo on this lol
Syrex 6 napja
I'd rather play the old zombies tbh, this new zombies honestly doesn't grab my attention
Losly Lale
Losly Lale 5 napja
Pigg Musse
Pigg Musse 6 napja
Hall.p 6 napja
*couldn’t they just create an external cd drive with a built in emulator for ps1,2 & 3? Would that be so impossible?*
Nasir Bello
Nasir Bello 6 napja
That title is a mouth full
Krillin The Villain
Krillin The Villain 6 napja
More gameplay less artificial camera angles
jimmy 6 napja
Ps4 😍
Rider Montiero
Rider Montiero 7 napja
So is the mode for just one of those littler warzone-esque maps? I thought it was "open world"
Steve23415 6 napja
It showed them on more than one of them.
Blue 7 napja
So are we just going to ignore that in fire base z they basically copied the mangler from gorod krovi and now there doimg the same with the dragons and the Nikolai mech
Roshaan Reddy
Roshaan Reddy 7 napja
Wow zombies in the woods, total geniuses
ErosLikesGames 7 napja
Eventually this game is going to be 500g 😂
BE28 7 napja
Just make warzone better ?...
Loli KingUwU
Loli KingUwU 7 napja
I’m just glad they didn’t use a trash rap song for the trailer this time
Chicken Toot
Chicken Toot 6 napja
Aaww, does the little weeaboo hate rap music?
Monster 505
Monster 505 7 napja
Let’s go!!!
Bob Ross
Bob Ross 7 napja
Now this is coming to Cold War right? I'm not deleting CW to redownload Warzone
Shane Vogt
Shane Vogt 7 napja
This looks way better then regular zombies !
Jory Meneer
Jory Meneer 7 napja
This LEGIT looks like the change this series has sorely needed. Umm, you made me a believer?!
Hector Cruz
Hector Cruz 7 napja
johnny ryder
johnny ryder 7 napja
Ce-108255-1, ce-108262-9 fix now or get sued
Brandon lim
Brandon lim 7 napja
1:03 that girl is look like skin on fortnite
Mr. MagicMan
Mr. MagicMan 7 napja
They changed the Panzer Soldat for the 80's but kept the same Mangler as the one in the 40's
Mac M
Mac M 5 napja
Soviet steel at its finest comrade
YVN_YoungDexter 27
YVN_YoungDexter 27 7 napja
Where is all the Cold War haters at? 😂😂
Paolo Cavallo
Paolo Cavallo 7 napja
Tranzit remastered please
PC-CHAMP 7 napja
Billy Idol - Rebel Yell For those looking for the song
Naive Daysダニエル
Naive Daysダニエル 6 napja
@Bob Ross indeed
Bob Ross
Bob Ross 7 napja
Nahhh if they don't know this song by now we got problems 😂
jamarr smith
jamarr smith 7 napja
Wow I gotta dust thus game off again
JR Gomez
JR Gomez 7 napja
Update would be the size of 2 PS5s
yrn_smoney 7 napja
There’s sooo much to take in 😭😭
Qbellas 7 napja
0:54 - Jeep stuff
Atem S.
Atem S. 7 napja
Neoand12 7 napja
Exclusive to Cold War?
Ramon Perez
Ramon Perez 7 napja
Look and find the Perezerator if you want to play with custom music and he takes requests. WOW.
Mars Dela Rosa
Mars Dela Rosa 7 napja
All boss zombies are gonna have aimbot
Dead Noble
Dead Noble 7 napja
Is this gonna be a free DLC
YVN_YoungDexter 27
YVN_YoungDexter 27 7 napja
@Ryusun 24 yes
Ryusun 24
Ryusun 24 7 napja
Do I have to buy Cold War to play outbreak?
Tyronius 7 napja
Levi7711 7 napja
Hey joe.... wanna Play..... a .... zombiegame ?
random guy
random guy 7 napja
Yeah ill play cold war on ps5... WHEN I AM ABLE TO BUY ONE!!! Till then I am staying on xbox
Kiriu Xeosa
Kiriu Xeosa 7 napja
When zombies becomes so exaggerated I no longer have any interest in it anymore Thanks cod before part of me still wanted this game for zombies now I know I'm not missing out on anything
Qui-Gon Jinn
Qui-Gon Jinn 7 napja
They ruined the song with those stupid drums
Azzedine Anos
Azzedine Anos 7 napja
the zombie at 1:27 its like the avogadro (also know as the electric man in tranzit) in Black ops 2 and the big zombie like the panzer
Dariel Chavez
Dariel Chavez 7 napja
So The Panzer soldat is back, great i hope this one isn´t inmortal like in Black Ops 3 Origins
Kakarot 7 napja
I’ll help you take him down if u need my help hmu
Junior G
Junior G 7 napja
Do you need Cold War for this or MW is alright?
R T 6 napja
Cold war
Tito Rubio
Tito Rubio 7 napja
This looks like the most epic zombies experience to date
beast Gamer
beast Gamer 7 napja
i swear that this gave me a hella ton of goosebumps
UnCevichito 7 napja
looks like what they did in cod ghost
Myke Briscoe
Myke Briscoe 7 napja
Is split screen zombies added for PS5 yet?
NoScope AssassiN
NoScope AssassiN 7 napja
I literally told my bro the new update MIGHT be zombies LITERALLY like last week😭 Tht shii always happens i think ima psychic
TAQX_ 7 napja
I love when treyarch shows more love to the zombie community ❤️
Otaku/ /Gamer
Otaku/ /Gamer 7 napja
Rebel yell🔥🔥🔥
Junior 7 napja
Can we get a mw2 remastered multiplayer
KingScotto 7 napja
It's about time zombies got something different 👍
Bryan Andrade
Bryan Andrade 7 napja
I’ll never have my hopes up for this game anymore. It’s only 1 map there’s nothing to hyped about
chrisssy 7 napja
Wdym an open world zombies game mode would be amazing imo
Killer gamerpro3
Killer gamerpro3 7 napja
Imagine if playstation hearted my comment if not :( idk actually
حرب حرايب
حرب حرايب 7 napja
In a new update
iiMr Richer
iiMr Richer 7 napja
Meanwhile multiplayer is just in a dark corner with SBMM, Hackers and modified Ping...
Dustrauma 26
Dustrauma 26 7 napja
Happy Monday!!
Mike M
Mike M 7 napja
I'd love to see a Warzone-Zombies mix mode.
C M 7 napja
There will be soon
Everyone gangsta until the fog starts rolling in and denizens start scratching your head.
Kakarot 7 napja
Hope they won’t bring those annoying denizens I hated them
E Reg
E Reg 7 napja
*laughs in cringe*
JamesDea45 7 napja
Jason blundell laugh*
Kostas Kourobinas
Kostas Kourobinas 7 napja
Maby not
jopo214 7 napja
As long as they fix the freezing issues on ps5...
DUBDUB511 7 napja
I don't get it. Is this goona be in warzone the free to play game? Or on cod cold war only if you own it?
ElMatz XD
ElMatz XD 7 napja
Lets hope its a Cold War exclusive
Alexander Ulv
Alexander Ulv 7 napja
It’s kit!
Donta Durden
Donta Durden 7 napja
Welp im a zombies player now glad they changed it up
shaneclone15 7 napja
Why mix up cold war and warzone in the same trailer so annoying
Mikael Nordahl
Mikael Nordahl 7 napja
Looks like an improved version of the tortured path from WW2 zombies (with more focus on doing objectives). A lot of people disliked the tortured path, so gonna be interesting to see how people feel about this
ShutYoMouth 7 napja
Great trailer, but we know it’ll be a buggy mess on launch.
Aaron Edhugo
Aaron Edhugo 7 napja
😱 wow you're so optimistic
T S 7 napja
Does anybody even want boss zombies? Remove them
YVN_YoungDexter 27
YVN_YoungDexter 27 7 napja
@T S I am a teenager, and zombies never been played so often than it is rn
T S 7 napja
@YVN_YoungDexter 27 are you a teenager or what. Zombies never used to have bosses.
YVN_YoungDexter 27
YVN_YoungDexter 27 7 napja
Are you dumb or what, without zombie bosses it wouldn’t be a zombie game mode 🤦🏽‍♂️
resfan000 7 napja
Sul2004 7 napja
I smell Cap
I smell Cap 7 napja
Do you play alone with your friends or are there other teams as well
The champ
The champ 7 napja
Where were the warzone parts?
Boris Solorzano
Boris Solorzano 7 napja
This isnt for warzone lol
Boris 7 napja
hmm i guess they ran out of idea and use fortnite defend the bomb concept. the title is misleading the game trailer is only cod bo cold war zombies outbreak trailer warzone is not in the trailer.
Skynet666official 7 napja
pretty sure this whole game mode is in warzone map. they definitely did not create a humongous map just for a zombie game mode
sIJper just play
sIJper just play 7 napja
Time to make some space on ssd!!
killwow Esteban
killwow Esteban 7 napja
Nice I’m getting the game now🥷💪
Walesky Alves Meneses
Walesky Alves Meneses 7 napja
Very 🍝🥫🍜 Legggal
Cole Viloria
Cole Viloria 7 napja
I’m excited to try this out!
SB 7 napja
Or just play a better zombie game like days gone lol
Shep 444
Shep 444 7 napja
Can’t wait to try this mode out, looks fun and exciting.
Johannes corolus silvester
Johannes corolus silvester 7 napja
Looks pretty cool hope there is no sbmm
Ben isms
Ben isms 7 napja
Hey yall, I havent been in the Cod scene since Ghosts. The title says cold war and warzone, can you play zombies on warzone with people on cold war now?
Solaris Vulkan
Solaris Vulkan 7 napja
Zombies is better than multiplayer
chrisssy 7 napja
In Cold War but not the other bo games
Alonso Salazar
Alonso Salazar 7 napja
*Advanced Warfare !?!*
fatCHUNK3R 7 napja
Since blops 2 ive been talking about how awesome an open world zombies experience would be. Finally I get to experience it.
fatCHUNK3R 5 napja
@N.O.C I did. It was terrible.
N.O.C 6 napja
Should of played blackout bo4
H 7 napja
@fatCHUNK3R there are boundaries tho
fatCHUNK3R 7 napja
@Archive bigger map with no boundaries=open world
Red pinns
Red pinns 7 napja
@iDrKx still not a bad idea from the zombies aspect and it’s better then nothing
David Carvalho
David Carvalho 7 napja
If there is anything I love more in call of duty trailers are freakin' songs they choose!!!!
Troy Nortje
Troy Nortje 6 napja
So true I remember the black ops 3 trailer had paint it black by The Rolling Stones and I loved it
Disekitar Game
Disekitar Game 7 napja
Jdddestroyer63 7 napja
Qui-Gon Jinn
Qui-Gon Jinn 7 napja
I miss Eminem
David Carvalho
David Carvalho 7 napja
@kyle stephens billy idol: rebel yell
SWAT—27 7 napja
Gabriel 7 napja
This is either going to be absolute garbage or absolute awesomeness
Ricky Arellano
Ricky Arellano 7 napja
Rebel yell by billy idol nice touch
Pr0bot404 7 napja
Only on Playstation .. ?! O.o
Stoinks Jay
Stoinks Jay 7 napja
It’s not only on PlayStation. They are talking about Onslaught 😂
First Last
First Last 7 napja
Where does it say that?
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