Tales From The Borderlands - Rerelease Trailer | PS5, PS4

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Tales from the Borderlands is a five-part episodic game set on the unforgiving world of Pandora between the events of Borderlands 2 and Borderlands 3. This is a story full of Borderlands' trademark humor, following two adventurers on their quest for greatness. Play as Rhys, a Hyperion 'suit' with dreams of being the next Handsome Jack, and Fiona, a Pandoran con artist looking to score her biggest ever swindle. Thrown together as unwilling partners in an adventure to recover cash they both think is theirs, their journey will take you on a wild ride where gangsters, bandit lords, and Vault Hunters are just some of the obstacles you’ll encounter, in this choice-driven, narrative adventure set in the award-winning Borderlands universe.

KolrabiVibes 3 napja
Will poker night be re-released?
Zikari SG
Zikari SG 4 napja
At last!
Kostas 7 napja
Amazing game!! I hope they re-release they other telltale games fast ...
Ulysses 7 napja
Why the re release?
Alissonedwiges 7 napja
Esse jogo é incrível ❤️❤️❤️❤️
I love tftb
DIO 8 napja
Nice PS2 graphics, 2K.
Harry Tucker
Harry Tucker 8 napja
If you like Archer or Rick and Morty, this is like a playable version of that. Completely underrated game.
jean santos
jean santos 8 napja
Falta jm crossplay nesse jogo ai
purple hax
purple hax 8 napja
make a new season man
Tutas _
Tutas _ 8 napja
demarek 8 napja
Beat telltale game by a mile. It is a masterpiece.
BCC games
BCC games 8 napja
this game has exactly 2 missions and you have to spend money for them hahaha no way
Paiwand Bahaden
Paiwand Bahaden 8 napja
dreamworks battle royal😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🥺🥺🥺🥺
Mohamed Saber
Mohamed Saber 8 napja
It's not a telltale title anymore ?
Buddyboy The
Buddyboy The 8 napja
Release trailer?? Isn’t the game out for like how many years now?
Kostas 7 napja
AJ 9 napja
I can't find the PS5 version on the Playstore. Anyone else? Says it is playable on PS5, but "it could be missing features".
Jangoballs 7 napja
Because there isn’t a ps5 version it’s the same game that released years ago that’ you can play on the ps5
rezadt73 9 napja
@PlayStation we want 1440p resolution support
Jangoballs 7 napja
There is no enhancements it’s a PS4 game re release that’s it
the hardcore game master
the hardcore game master 9 napja
they can bring a QTE interactive game back but not cyberpunk to the PS store
ZxMoexZ 9 napja
I highly suggest nobody here uses PlayStation customer support... the absolute worst customer support experience of my life. They continuously dodge my valid questions and hang up or disconnect me on chat over a refund I'm 100% entitled to under their policy.
Dr Cory
Dr Cory 9 napja
Excellent game trailer
Swannonymous Ex
Swannonymous Ex 9 napja
This is amazing. 😍👌
The Game Capsule
The Game Capsule 9 napja
Never forget this was a free ps plus game once. If you missed it that your fault.
SlayerArrg2 9 napja
It’s time to Catch a riiiiide!
IndieZona 9 napja
This is hands down one the best tell tale game there is.
James Burg
James Burg 9 napja
All thanks to *78tools* on IG for for helping me get my PlayStation Account unbanned he's super legit and reliable
James Burg
James Burg 9 napja
All thanks to *78tools* on IG for for helping me get my PlayStation Account unbanned he's super legit and reliable
Brent Fox
Brent Fox 9 napja
I feel bad for anyone shelling out money to slant-eye'd sony and buying the Asian-station 5
The Rose Experience
The Rose Experience 9 napja
The best Teltale game
Sevent77 9 napja
Um wasn't this already on the PS4 and PS5 via backwards compatibility.
Adolfo Mont
Adolfo Mont 9 napja
"Catch aaaaaaaaaa riiiiiiiiiiiide!"
Ronin 9 napja
Catch a Riiiiiiiiiiide!
JustAGuyonYoutube 9 napja
Rereleased!? Why?
El calvo de la Formula 1
El calvo de la Formula 1 9 napja
Telltale is trash
Kanha Keshav
Kanha Keshav 9 napja
Second season plz🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Marvelous Mehki
Marvelous Mehki 9 napja
I'm not the biggest Borderlands fan but this was perhaps the best TellTale game to date outside of the Wolf Among Us
Myras 9 napja
Why do they write ps5 in the trailer when its only a ps4 game and no version of the ps5.
M P 9 napja
I love ??? No idea.
One_shot 9 napja
Yes I am so hype
Mah Almeida
Mah Almeida 9 napja
Ué ja não tinha pra ps4?rs entendi nada
David Maldo
David Maldo 9 napja
This is the true Borderlands 3
King Overseas
King Overseas 9 napja
My favourite BL game.
Kamyla Garcia
Kamyla Garcia 9 napja
Soooo underrated! My favorite from telltale
JolliAllGenGamer 9 napja
I have the PS4 physical version are they re-releasing a physical PS4/PS5 version under new branding?
G1gab1tes 9 napja
The best Telltale game and best thing to come out of Borderlands. Love this game to death
Jacob GT
Jacob GT 9 napja
I'm more interested in this than playing the actual main line games.
antonis Sofoulis
antonis Sofoulis 9 napja
The best tell tale game hands down
DryChicken 9 napja
recycling games
Kangaroofie 9 napja
It was a really fun game, but I wouldn't play it again.
Dracozork 9 napja
The best Telltale for me.
JacobOlli 9 napja
Is it a new trophy list
Nox 9 napja
No Upgrade If u Already Bought The Origional. But The Price is Nice i Serpose
• Daniel •
• Daniel • 9 napja
Playstation is such a garbage, everyone can play Cyberpunk 2077, PC users, Xbox users, Stadia users... only the Sony garbage made it unavailable 🤦🏻‍♂️
BIGRob Plays
BIGRob Plays 9 napja
i hope it has another trophy list
BlackSuitSpider 9 napja
This was a very easy and very enjoyable Platinum Trophy
Funky Axel
Funky Axel 9 napja
*_I already have the physical copy & i got the platinum. If i buy the digital version would i be able to make a new platinum?_* *_Anyone knows, please?_*
Eberth Kreiss
Eberth Kreiss 9 napja
already was on store...
TallulahSoie 9 napja
"game" lol.
Silent Mochi
Silent Mochi 9 napja
Tales from the borderlands is already on Ps4 and I already have it Ima buy it again
SmoothLegend 9 napja
This release makes no sense, it already was a PS4 game and there doesn't seem to be any enhancements.
Jangoballs 7 napja
@SmoothLegend nope it’s just the PS4 version re released
SmoothLegend 9 napja
@unholybees There seems to be a native PS5 version too though judging from the title.
unholybees 9 napja
Its a re release. When telltale shut down they took it off the ps store and you couldn't buy it
Dante Markovic
Dante Markovic 9 napja
BRO... I just thought they would announce the sequel 😢
Mustafa Bashar
Mustafa Bashar 9 napja
Instead of this We should have gotten tales from the borderlands 2 and the wolf among us 2 damnit it ttg i miss ya sooo much😭
Jun Kurosu
Jun Kurosu 9 napja
Wolf among us 2 is in production for over a year now
19HajimeSaitou91 9 napja
Best Telltale game I never even played Borderlands
Waseem Journalist Sialkot
Waseem Journalist Sialkot 9 napja
telltales make Great games I played on xbox 360 and ps3 :D still have em
LoveInHell 9 napja
This is a step towards rereleasing the other Telltale games as well! :)
Legofan994 Gaming
Legofan994 Gaming 9 napja
Why’d they re-release it?
Jun Kurosu
Jun Kurosu 9 napja
The license was returned
Indrit Hajdari
Indrit Hajdari 9 napja
I brought it on disk about a month ago 😂
Naked Old Snake
Naked Old Snake 9 napja
Funniest game of its Time and still
Hekmat Ahmed
Hekmat Ahmed 9 napja
I got the platinum trophy long ago i recommend every one to give it a try it's amazing
[Channel Removed]
[Channel Removed] 9 napja
Chicken War
Chicken War 9 napja
I really like borderlands but that game was just boring to me
Myras 9 napja
Its more of a interactable movie than a game lol.
alec rogers
alec rogers 9 napja
Definitely playing this again. :D
Micky D
Micky D 9 napja
Loved this game
YaBoyPsycho 9 napja
If you love Borderlands and haven't played this game, please do so because it's an underrated gem
Carson Diaz
Carson Diaz 3 napja
This "game" was just fine
Kostas 7 napja
@Jangoballs Me too . I don't really like Borderlands but Telltale is amazing for every game they make...
Jangoballs 7 napja
I don’t like borderlands but I love all telltale games and this one is awesome
Cameron Irvine
Cameron Irvine 9 napja
And if you don't love Borderlands and haven't played this game, please do so
Carlos Ramos
Carlos Ramos 9 napja
Can I triple dip on plat ?
Sergio J.
Sergio J. 9 napja
Turniplord 9 napja
Don’t like that they’ve titled it PS5 even though it’s only PS4 (PS5 through Bc). They should only say PS5 if it has a PS5 version - don’t turn into Xbox and confuse everyone with what games are actually enhanced.
Fena Almassio
Fena Almassio 9 napja
Best Telltale imo.
Markimoo 2x
Markimoo 2x 9 napja
This games is soooo slept onnnn
MarryJanesBud 9 napja
I hope this is a pre-curser too a sequel cause This NEEDS a season 2.
Quanima 9 napja
I LOVE this game
MoneyMatt83K 9 napja
Why is the store asking me to pay for it when I brought it years ago?
David Russnak
David Russnak 9 napja
If you're a fan of the Borderlands series, or just fun games with great stories, or would like to take place in the most insane, over-the-top finger guns battle ever created, then buy tf out of this game.
Inclement Films
Inclement Films 9 napja
Honestly one of my favorite games of all time. Everyone do yourself a favor and play this... you’ll love the characters :)
Boss Ross
Boss Ross 9 napja
Anyone know if this is a separate trophy list for PS4, too? I've platinumed this game on PS4 before, but does this have a separate platinum?
Jangoballs 7 napja
It’s just a re release of that version so no new trophies
Sim 9 napja
Catch a rideeeeeeee
matcher147 10 napja
Can you just rerelease all the telltale games again
snowontheweb 10 napja
I’m confused. I already own this on PS4
Nicholas Saini
Nicholas Saini 9 napja
@MoneyMatt83K I'm not 100% sure, but I'd imagine if it's already in your download list that you should be able to just download it again.
MoneyMatt83K 9 napja
@Nicholas Saini so does that mean you have to pay again for it?
Nicholas Saini
Nicholas Saini 9 napja
When Telltale closed its doors the game was removed from the Playstation Store. It's back now for those who missed out during that time.
AngelicLoonatic 10 napja
Now all I need is a Rerelease of Both Poker night at the inventory and Poker night 2 and I'll be really happy
dustinbriggs1991 10 napja
No free upgrade? How disappointing... I checked on store and I have to buy it again...
Camilo Rey
Camilo Rey 10 napja
Sagar L Patil
Sagar L Patil 10 napja
Peak Telltale title
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown 10 napja
I love you loader bot
Nuthin But Garlic
Nuthin But Garlic 10 napja
Separate trophy list??
sonic287ful 10 napja
This is my favorite Teatle
Alex 10 napja
Borderlands is such a bad game
Inclement Films
Inclement Films 9 napja
That’s bait
runningwild09 10 napja
wait, its only NOW being released on console?
Wait.What?! 10 napja
nah its on ps4 and playable on ps5 this doesn't make sense
Jay Moneyyy
Jay Moneyyy 10 napja
lol not even remaster
You2Nosey 10 napja
rerelease for what?
SlyJMan 10 napja
Best TellTale game, I will take any challenge!
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