Ευαγγελία Οικονόμου
Ευαγγελία Οικονόμου 16 órája
David Lyons
David Lyons 16 órája
Quinn Tarling
Quinn Tarling 16 órája
The game comes out may 2021
Astro Wolf
Astro Wolf 16 órája
Ram 16 órája
if only the toys were like this
Nick Sucks At Drawing
Nick Sucks At Drawing 16 órája
Em, put it back into the oven. I don't think it's done yet.
jason voorhees
jason voorhees 16 órája
хоть бы кровь добавили, а то опять детсад какой то
Xxanimefreaks 16 órája
my mom: what did you buy the ps5 for its not like you us eit anyways fanaf Secrity Breach: am i a joke to you?
H 4
H 4 16 órája
how this game has changed but still i still love it like i missed fnaf 1 2 and 3
Phuong Nguyen
Phuong Nguyen 16 órája
oh nice, deadpool is there, too 😜
Lisek Disek
Lisek Disek 16 órája
Ps4 too? Plis guys i dont have money for ps5 🥺😂
Frankie Peacock
Frankie Peacock 16 órája
Ps5 comes out HUpost:hey watch this
Jhev Gaming
Jhev Gaming 16 órája
Wait this is a great game
Hao C
Hao C 16 órája
AU-79 16 órája
С одной стороны, я очень рад, что моя любимая игра продолжает выходить с новыми механиками. Но с другой, кажется, что автор просто пытается заработать куча денег, тем самым убив саму францызу. Это очень жаль(
hiz hiz
hiz hiz 16 órája
Umm……It’s great but…. It seems the game is slowdown a bit...
نينو سان
نينو سان 16 órája
هاذا لعبه زززززررررررببببببببهههههههه💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
Lissette Martínez
Lissette Martínez 16 órája
Like si eres español y si vienes por town o bers o elrubius o solo vienes a ver el tráiler :v
哈蜜瓜 16 órája
Scott:(make this a game that animatronic chase you) Me after seeing slide:welp. maybe I'm a kid
Mason Talarico
Mason Talarico 16 órája
Antonino Panzera Antonino Panzera
Antonino Panzera Antonino Panzera 16 órája
Is a free to Play
نينو سان
نينو سان 16 órája
هم شي نزلو لعبه متحمس
哈蜜瓜 16 órája
"Fnaf 3 is the end" (Fnaf 4 come out) "Fnaf 4 is the end" (Fnaf 5 and 6 come out) "Fnaf 6 will be end" Fnaf 7 8 9:hey
Donisi 16 órája
a new Pod game
Dutch warrior
Dutch warrior 16 órája
This looks like alien blackout but you are the one to get guided and escape
Gassmann hjyf
Gassmann hjyf 16 órája
I was pretty peased and slightly smug when I saw it say "only on PS5"
Luis antonio Rivera Meza
Luis antonio Rivera Meza 16 órája
exciting trailer
JFKTV 16 órája
Dotch boll.
Melo_motard89 Melo
Melo_motard89 Melo 16 órája
Lu-bu!!!! ... wait wrong game
Juliano Telles
Juliano Telles 16 órája
... de Se alguém entendeu tamo junto ganhou um pix
家Seth Akari
家Seth Akari 16 órája
1:00 Ah, Po and sifu never stop training
家Seth Akari
家Seth Akari 16 órája
Tai lung: Finally, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary!
Nobody 16 órája
get ready for the rule34 that there will be from the security guard.
Chel•Lexaine 16 órája
So I presume Glamrock Freddy Is his only actual acquaintance, hahah.
Adriano Trigoso
Adriano Trigoso 16 órája
Wait but does this continue for batman Arkham knight.
Matías andres Redondo yaya
Matías andres Redondo yaya 16 órája
ta buenoooooooo
Mrigank P.
Mrigank P. 16 órája
Here to read "free on PS+" comments and was disappointed
CM-Eduard -BS
CM-Eduard -BS 16 órája
"Fnaf 3 will be the last one in the series" -Scott
Hatake 1stPlace
Hatake 1stPlace 16 órája
nolimitao tv
nolimitao tv 16 órája
when they releasing some more ps5 I been waiting for it
P 5970
P 5970 16 órája
Fnaf trailers 1-6: (really scary) This trailer: ( this just smacks so hard)
Alan Mora
Alan Mora 16 órája
its just obv that hand at the end is afton
Rythmi 16 órája
Is there already a name for these animatronics?
Gui VeryCrazy
Gui VeryCrazy 16 órája
Kenny Ploof
Kenny Ploof 16 órája
This looks like a game I'd find on notdoppler
Dwayne Simmons
Dwayne Simmons 16 órája
Fortnite at Freddy's, looks meh.
VictorMuniz2 16 órája
i was waiting so long for this...
RACSO GAMES 16 órája
Siento que habrá demasiada piratería por aquí
Thalidomide 16 órája
Already way better than the Fast and the Furious movies.
Sr. as val A
Sr. as val A 16 órája
Parece que fnaf perdio su esencia, solo espero que este bueno porque no lo parece en este trailer
David Whisleman
David Whisleman 16 órája
This is epic, we have to be ready in a mental and physic way to play this master pieze
Adrian Garcia
Adrian Garcia 16 órája
What about PS4? Gamers are we getting it to?
Meme REVultion
Meme REVultion 16 órája
"Are you Freddy Ready?" - Freddy Fazbear probably
Good Day
Good Day 16 órája
Looks like markieplier is back in game a.k.a the fnaf king
Ollodo, Cassandra
Ollodo, Cassandra 16 órája
The only game where the villains dont stop
Chefe 16 órája
vai encarar
Mariano Brayotta
Mariano Brayotta 16 órája
i dont want it, i need it.
Welcome to the park Viewers
Welcome to the park Viewers 16 órája
And I the only one that’s getting dark Deception vibes
Chad U
Chad U 16 órája
New Doom ? Lol
Hannah Fuller
Hannah Fuller 16 órája
They better make a phone version of the game as well sometime because I'm tired of waiting for a new game for my phone that's taking forever because they are only making console versions for now
JW Chow
JW Chow 16 órája
Just here to tell you guys, you can also unlock "Vergil Battle Track 4-Pack" by beating SOS Mode.
Bee-Zee Soul
Bee-Zee Soul 16 órája
I know indie developers like giving their games silly names but come on.
Origin 16 órája
HUpost : Oh look An Ps4 attachment! Sony : But we dont have in stock.... HUpost : I dont care
Ivans_Streamingecke 16 órája
Will it be releasen finally on ps now?
Delightful Cake
Delightful Cake 16 órája
02:20 the best part awaits...
Mohsen Darwish
Mohsen Darwish 16 órája
Thats a lot of stuff
Christian Virtudazo
Christian Virtudazo 16 órája
Let's go new free roam
Vegpep 16 órája
POV: Your dreams came true
robert singer
robert singer 16 órája
the claw at the end is nightmare freddy from the 4th game and this is just a guess
Fernando Guzman Ramirez
Fernando Guzman Ramirez 16 órája
Que fue hermano ahora las teorías de esta saga de juego estará explotada.
Fernando Guzman Ramirez
Fernando Guzman Ramirez 16 órája
Like si son latinoamericanos
Emmanuel Polanco Saladín
Emmanuel Polanco Saladín 16 órája
Is it for the ps4 to?
Emmanuel Polanco Saladín
Emmanuel Polanco Saladín 16 órája
Thanks bro:D
DH Salazar
DH Salazar 16 órája
Yes. Check out the ScottWorld yt channel. You will get updates from the Fnaf Security Breach there :)
Eirene P
Eirene P 16 órája
notice how freedy is the only anamatronic who is not attacking the player
MortSalazar 16 órája
If i won't be able to wear the robe's hood on i'll be sad
Grimlock 16 órája
Based off the Freddy toy with Gregory in his chest I thought he would be helping Gregory. Now he just looks like another bad guy with those red eyes.
Dohko EX
Dohko EX 16 órája
SaucyDawsy6969 16 órája
So imma guess this is from 2 points of view Gregory and the night guard
KuroCream UwU
KuroCream UwU 16 órája
Oooh a free roam game
titaneren133 FD
titaneren133 FD 16 órája
It is also for ps4 or just for ps5
Massimo 16 órája
Why is the voice of baby circus over there? I was the only one who noticed that?
Gui VeryCrazy
Gui VeryCrazy 16 órája
Because Vanessa the Security Guard and Baby has the same voice actress